William B Petmecky Stanford
Nannie Etta Adrian Petmecky
1964 Snow in the hill country of Texas, Cabin on Lake Travis
Nan at her Mother's home near University of Texas, Austin
Nan opening annivary presents with sister in law, Dorthy Petmecky, Tillery St, Austin, Tx
Nan with her Father, German Crawford Adrian, and other relatives
Nan in yard of her home
Nan at her family home in Austin, Tx
Nan in Austin, Tx
Nan in Austin, Tx
Nan with her Mother, Etta Lillian Brewer, Adrian, on left Tx
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Charles A "Chili" Petmecky
1964 Chile at the controls, Greer, SC
1964 Chile taking 2nd seat on way to New York, Ny
1947 Chile spent a month in Alaska, here with his two brown bears
Chili as a young man never was far from a rife or a hat
Chili waking up in a strange place and in need of a cup of coffee
Chile traveled to Monterrey Mexico in the early 1930s
Chili unloading party food at Tillery St home, Austin, Tx
Chile must have lost his pants while fishing, hill country, Tx
1955 Chili with Nannie and sister Dora, Roosevelt Hotel, Blue Room, New Orleans, La
Chile with his two sons, Charles and William, on the Pedernales river, Tx
The Petmecky Family crest. Painting by William Petmecky
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